Sunday, June 10, 2012

A 10K in the Botanical Gardens

So far this month has been so full of fun events that I haven't had any time to blog!  An early morning 10K was one of the highlights of last weekend.  

Jardín Botanico - Santo Domingo
The running start time was at 7:30 AM, and this time we remembered that we should arrive early.  Good thing we did because the event was packed with people!  I hadn't done my research for this race so I definitely was not expecting the huge tents, loud music, and big stage [usually races here are very low key].

The race was at the Botanical Gardens of Santo Domingo.  There were little signs along the path to mark each kilometer.  After the first kilometer I thought "Wow, with the pretty trees to look at and the curvy road, I can easily get through 9 more of these!"  And then came kilometer 2 where the hills really began.  The remainder was full of steep hills and the humidity from all the greenery surrounding us was killing me.  

At kilometer 7 I suddenly felt a burst of energy.  We were making great time in comparison with our last 10K and the road was {temporarily} flat.  But at kilometer 9 the steepest of all inclines came and all I could think was "WHO PLANNED THIS ROUTE?!  Why would they save the hardest part for last?!" It felt like the longest kilometer of my life and it took every last ounce of energy to not start walking.

Running for Diabetes
In the end we finished with nearly the exact same time as our previous 10K, but considering the terrain I feel we did a much better job!  I think drinking less water during this race actually helped me, so I hope to remember this next time when I'm wanting to chug down a gallon at every chance they give us.

It always boggles me how there are so many OLD people who run races and marathons, and the majority do a much better job than we do!  A thinks its because they've had more practice, and that the older we get the easier and faster we will be as well.  But aren't people generally in the best shape of their lives when they are younger as opposed to older?  

Thoughts?  I do hope he's right!

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Athens is a little crazy at the moment - make a visit back over here if you haven't done so already to see if it's worth coming back. I only say this because elections are in a weeks time - will we stay in the euro or not? Massive impact will come out of these elections.

    10k huh? That's a good run. I think it doesn't matter what age you are, as long as you have vitality and strength, your body will be capable of doing anything at pretty much any age. Respect to the oldies!