Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Learned Yesterday

Yesterday I learned

- To stop eating debatable food considering that I live in a 3rd world country. 
- That ER nurses don't plan on telling you if they're about to stick a big needle in your bum, nor do they mention what its for. 
-That I would go crazy as a stay at home individual.

Let me explain why. 

On Sunday we went to a BBQ outside the "city", where the quality of the meat could be considered questionable, if anything.  Now, I'm super paranoid when it comes to nearly expired refrigerated food, but I consider myself quite daring when it comes to eating food in the street here, after all, I ate this fish in a random village and enjoy frio frio on the beach when the source of the ice is unknown.  How this makes sense?  Beats me.  So of course I enjoyed this meaty BBQ and drank lots of rum.  And after 10 months of living here I finally got food poisoning for my care free mistake.  4 AM was not fun and involved the hospital.  Lesson learned.  Moving on.

I spent the day at home, reading blogs, writing emails, translating a law document, reading 50 Shades.  But at 7 PM the craziness set in.  I needed to get out of the house no matter how nauseous I still felt!  So off to the Juice Bar we went, where I slurped down all the fibery fruit that the doctor told me not to consume.  And then I felt nauseas again.  So maybe I still haven't learned.  But boy was it delicious.

{His & Hers}


  1. Oh NO :( Food poisoning sucks. Sorry tiarenie - get better soon! x

  2. 10 months with no food poisoning- I salute you!

    I got it after one day in South East Asia-this stomach wasn't built for travelling.

    But I understand completely about trying to communicate in another language what's wrong only to be met by a giant needle in response.

    Hope you're feeling grand now!