Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Snapper

Last week I was told that on my way to Puerto Plata for the weekend, we had to stop in a little town called Maimon and eat fried "chillo" {I later found out this was snapper}.  Maimon is a village that looks exactly like the thousands of other small villages in the DR, the only difference being is that it is near the coast and it has a few restaurants large-outdoor-rooms-with-tin-roofs on the main road.

As soon as we walked inside one of these large-outdoor-rooms-with-tin-roofs, the waiter's first question was whether we would be eating fish.  When we said yes, he welcomed us right into their kitchen, and a cook began showing me all the recently caught fish that were in the freezer.  The fish were enormous.  I told him that I wanted chillo and so he began frying my fish.

Frying Pans
My Fish
Now I figured that I wouldn't be getting a clean cut fillet on my plate, but at the same time I wasn't expecting the fish to look exactly like it did when it was going in to the frying pan (but with crustier skin)..

My Plate
Hello, Fishie
But with a squeeze of lime I got brave and actually ate it (midsection only).  
And it turns out that it was the best fried fish that I've had in my life.