Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself at Age 16

Highschool - Brother & I
1.  You don't know how much you think you do.  Respect your parents and be more grateful - not every kid has a spanking new Jetta at 16.

2.  Its good that you value your grades, but a B+ is not going to set you back in life.  You will have an MBA at age 23!  So relax.

3.  Acrylic nails? Why?  Just paint your real nails, you have great nail beds.

Grad School Graduation
4.  Its OK that you don't have a solid "group" of friends and that they are all from different cliques - it means that you are a more well-rounded person.

5.  Don't spend your whole paycheck from Marshall Field's at the Marshall Field's junior department and on employee-discounted Coach purses - you won't like Coach in a few short years.

Skiing in Andorra
6.  Not making it to the gym one day won't kill you; besides, your body is going to be stuck at the same weight at least until age 25.

7.  Spend the night at your grandparents' house as often as you can.  One day you're going to live out of the country and miss waking up to Yaya's torta {fried feta pancakes}.  You'll also miss hearing Yaya scream at Papou because The History Channel is on too loud and Papou shaking his head.

A & I
8.  Study the world more.  You're going to travel to places that you didn't even know existed at 16.

9.  Eating a half jar of peanut butter after school is a bad habit.  If you keep eating it at this pace, forget #6.

10.  Don't worry about boys.  You aren't going to meet the right boy until you've decided that you are finally done with boys at age 23.  And guess what?  He's going to be a handsome one.


  1. OK! This is so cool and freaky!!! No.2 and no.10 - the same :).

  2. This is so cute! I wish I could jump back in time and tell my stuff many of the same things, especially #2....I obsessed so much if I didn't get an A on everything. Luckily I never did acrylic nails:) I love that photo of you & your brother. My sis and I have a similar on of ourselves!

  3. I love your blog:) Who would have thought we would be where we are today. <3 liz