Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scratching Off the World

In the DR, Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th and its considered the last day of the Christmas season.  Goodbye, Christmas tree.  Children are given gifts on the 6th, so of course I told boyfriend that we had to participate in this holiday (anything for a gift, he always picks out the best ones!).

I don't know how he remembered, because I haven't mentioned it since writing a blog post back in September, but he got me the Scratch off world map that I wanted!  I was ecstatic.  Its perfect.

{My travels in color}
It really puts the magnitude of the world into perspective.  Most of Africa, and all of South America & Asia are completely colorless for me!  Time to get crackin'.  

PS - Buy this map for a travel lover here.


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  2. that is so sweet and what a thoughtful gift!

  3. Tia, you should be a writer! :)

  4. I just gave my BF this one for xmas and yesterday we were scratching and hung it up! isn't is awesome?! you got to scratch quite allot already! x