Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frío Frío

{Girls selling Johnny Cake}
Last Sunday we spent a few hours at Boca Chica beach.  The beach is known for its Johnny Cake (pretty much a deep fried piece of pancake-shaped batter that it is eaten with hot sauce drizzled on top), so after seeing countless people of all ages pass by selling Johnny Cake, we jumped at the sight of a Frio Frio cart!

{Asking for his price}
Frío Frío, also called JumJum, is the Dominican version of the all-American ice cream truck.  On most days, you can find men pushing these wooden carts around the city; wooden carts stocked with large glass bottles filled with intense colored liquids.  

So what is it exactly?  The Frío Frío itself can be compared to a snow cone, since it is simply shaved ice with artificially (naturally if you're lucky) flavored "juices" poured on top.  

{Preparing our drinks}
My cup of ice was topped with strawberry and lemon "juice".  Boyfriend's was filled with coconut (which always tastes like cotton candy) and a touch of mint (just like drinkable spearmint gum!).  

{Drinking with my feet in crystal clear water}
Frío Frío is by far the most refreshing beverage here on a hot day.  Only downside: it is highly addictive..  A and I often find ourselves driving around after our competitive tennis matches [...against each other...] on the search for a Frío Frío man! 

A must try for anyone in the Dominican Republic!


  1. I had something like that when I was in Mexico...not sure if it had the same name, but it came from a vendor like that and it was awfully delicious for sure! Johnny Cakes...heard of them, but never had one. They sound delicious too. Gosh darling, you are making me very hungry here:) xx

  2. That beach is amazing, I hope you had fun for me too :).

  3. Wow. Your blog is fun and adventurous! Thank you for the lovely comment on my outfit post!!! Nice meeting you/)

  4. These pictures are amazing! Thanks for dropping by my blog www.breakfastatfaymes.com :)