Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bubble Tea

I've been searching for bubble tea for months [I posted this post about it back in October!].  My love for bubble tea began when I was working at Argo Tea in college.  I would scoop the "bubbles" out of their large tupperware container and slurp them down in nothing but a glass of water..  Seems kind of gross thinking back on it now.

Anyway, after many months of zero luck, I finally tasted bubble tea again last Saturday night at Formosa - a house turned into a small Taiwanese cafe in Santo Domingo.  I knew it was an authentic place because we were the only people speaking Spanish and the menu options were the following:

Spaghetti with Special Sauce
Spaghetti YangChun with Special Sauce
Soup and Spaghetti 
Spaghetti Soup with Special Sauce

We had an order of egg rolls (the least exotic choice, how boring) and of course, two large glasses of milky, ice cold bubble tea.  I'm convinced it was made with condensed milk - it was just too darn delicious.

{Love this Bubble Tea glass}
When the egg rolls finally arrived at our table (and most of my tea was already gone), they were served with a red sauce.

Me: Egg rolls with ketchup? 
A: {Shaking head} Ugh, that is not ketchup, Tia.  Its probably picante {spicy sauce}.  Its only red because its sitting on a red plate.
Me: Its ketchup.
A: {Shakes head again} {Dips finger in mystery sauce} {Licks finger} {Makes face} ...Its ketchup...

People eat egg rolls with ketchup?  Who knew!  I stuck to my roll sans sauce.


  1. Tiasters you should get your work to start making bubble tea!

  2. Egg Rolls and Ketchup?! That seems kind of crazy! Did you try it and if yes-how was it?! I personally want to like bubble tea-I just maybe need to try it again, I tried once and i found it a bit overwhelming! Thanks for stopping by for Marisa's guest post! I hope you'll stop back by sometime! Xo Lori

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