Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last Saturday night..

-We sipped passionfruit sangrias while trying not to laugh at the overly attentive Fabio-type maitre d'.

-We shared sushi and a sampler platter which included a ceviche marinated in coconut milk - yum!  

-We admired the interior design and chandeliers and brick walls that felt so much like Europe.  

-We talked about urine therapy, which is quite gross and should probably not be discussed over dinner at a fancy restaurant.

But most importantly, 
we had the best dessert I've ever tasted in the DR!  

The Volcán de Dulce de Leche.  

Gooey caramel oozed everywhere and although it looked like a puddle on my plate it was delicious and buttery and the perfect pair for its vanilla ice cream.

Puddle built with love


  1. The place looks amazing and the food looks so so yummy!

  2. I sang the first few lines of this post to the tune of Katy P's "Last Friday Night" hehe