Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Wish List

According to the books summer starts on June 27th, but living in a tropical country means summer is already here!  Its been HOT around here lately and its been making me think about summer plans.

Things on my wish list this summer: 

Visit Las Terrenas.  Its located in the last main region of the Dominican Republic that I have left to visit and its supposed to be one of the best beach areas in the country.  After the beach in Punta Cana, I can't imagine it gets much better but I'm dying to find out!  

Make homemade mango salsa.  This one looks easy enough.

Swim in the river at the finca; its too cool and refreshing not to.  

Read, read, read.  Finish the 50 Shades trilogy and get a head start on the beachy reads that are sitting on my bookshelf, like Big Girl and The Lies that Chelsea Hander Told Me.  

Go to the zoo!

GREECE.  I might get to go this August and I really hope I do because its been nearly two years since I've last graced the island of Santorini!  I'm already envisioning long days at the beach followed by fresh fish and a big Greek salad.

Oia, Santorini
What are your summer wishes? 


  1. It's Winter here so what I'm actually wishing for is sumemr! Santorini is definitely high on my list - once I get through the Pacific islands! I grew up and lived in Fiji so I'm all about the ocean and beach and sun! Happy Summer Tiarenie! xoxox

  2. I want to be on that island, and never ever leave :).

  3. I love that quote!!!!! ! WHere are you living! It;s gorgeous!!!!! xoxoxxoxo Friend!!!!

  4. My summer wishes looks similar to yours..Next week I ll visit Santorini,so I wish you dear to make your dreams come true !!

    Kisses from Greece