Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Mini Weekend in a Day

My favorite things to do on the weekends here are to discover new shops and eateries and to go to the beach.  For that reason, last Thursday was a perfect day!  It was a bank holiday here in the DR which I had completely forgotten about until someone reminded me of it on Tuesday.  Oh, the joy it brought me knowing that I'd get a mid-week break!  

Antica counter
It was a lovely, leisurely day.  We slept-in late, and then went to Antica, a brand new bakery/cafe in our neighborhood for brunch.  It was so tiny and so full of croissants and cakes, it reminded me of Europe.  We shared a cream cheese croissant, veggie and parma ham sandwiches, and a slice of passionfruit cheesecake!  Everything was excellent, and even the croissant - the most simplest of foods - was bursting with flavor.

In the afternoon we went to Juan Dolio beach, about 40 minutes outside the city.  The water was like bathwater and I just strolled right in without any hesitation at all - I think it was the warmest sea water I have ever swam in my life!  Its nice to know that the heat around here lately has been good for something :)  The beach was packed with people because of the holiday, but I was so engrossed in 50 Shades Darker that I didn't notice the crowd.  For 50 Shades readers - the 2nd book is much better than the first!

Sunset on the Beach


  1. ahhh I need to start on 50 shades darker! the American Book Store here was sold out!

    1. PS emailing you back today :) I have news for you!