Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Resolution: A Good Morning

Today I woke up before my alarm.  That never happens.  It was sunny outside and raining at the same time - I love it when its like that!  At the start of the day, I'm usually the type of person to hit my snooze button 3 times, roll out of bed at the last minute and rush out the door about 15 minutes after that.  Mornings are rarely leisurely for me.  But today was different.  I jumped out of bed and told boyfriend that I wanted to leave early to stop at a local cafe, and for some reason he went along with my unusual morning request. 

We popped into Antica and had ham & cheese croissants while I ooh-ed and ahh-ed at all the bakery sweets.  It was nice to do something that early and have the shop all to ourselves. It got me thinking about how sometimes I wish I was a "morning person" who finds the time to make a full breakfast or stop somewhere for cup of coffee.  I've decided it will be my summer resolution to wake up early..  Once a week, for starters. 

Are you a morning person?  
How do you usually start your day? 


  1. Hi Tia, I'm quite similar to you in the mornings. On occasions where I do wake up early and get out and do things it's great, and I enjoy it so much. It's just the getting out of bed that's the hardest thing. I've yet to find something that makes me get out of bed early. Perhaps I should have a friend call me on the home phone every morning!

    PS I'm so glad you enjoy my A Perfect Day In... series, let me know if you ever feel like guest posting :)

  2. The sun wakes me up very early these days too, so no need for an alarm clock. I love to start my mornings with a coffee, followed by the papers, email catch up before leaving the house. At least I can enjoy brekkie on the balcony, it's so beautiful outdoors now!

  3. I start my day with a 30 min hard workout, then some blogging, wash, something to eat, and then of to work.

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