Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest Post: 3 Things Quintessentially European

Glocal Girl has been my all time favorite blog since I first started reading blogs, so I'm thrilled to have her today.  Thanks for your post, Mia!


Hi Travelling Gypsy readers! I’m Jeanelle from Glocal Girl and am so excited to be guest posting for Tia today. Tia and I met our first day of grad school in Barcelona and give our American roots, became fast friends from that point on. Ever since I moved to the Netherlands in 2010, and her to the DR, I’ve missed being in the same city dearly.

Today I decided to share 3 Things Quintessentially European. I’ve always had a draw to Europe since I was young, but never imagined that I would actually live here for as long as I have. So far I’ve had the privilege to live, study and work in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands and whilst they are each unique in their own respects, I think there are a few commonalities which have influenced why I love living abroad.

1. Long Meals 
Americans are notorious for their hasty (albeit superb) customer service but as a result I think that we really rush our way through one of the most wonderful opportunities to connect with loved ones. In Europe you can never be at a table “too long”, and in fact are encouraged to eat, drink, smoke and drink again to your heart’s content. (Tourists don’t think that it’s bad customer service if you have to request for the bill, no one ever pushes you out here!)

2. Affordable Travel
Given the close proximity of Belgium, Switzerland and France to the Netherlands, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many new cities on short notice. Weekend getaways are possible with the convenience of the rail system and if you research budget stays on sites such as or, it becomes quite affordable too. This ability to explore different types of cultures, foods and lifestyles is something I don’t think I’d ever tire of.

3. Beautiful Languages
Like food, different and mysterious languages can always be heard on the street. The internationalism of Amsterdam makes it possible to hear German, Italian, Russian and Turkish natives everywhere you turn. I love the melodic tones of the Latin languages and although am struggling to learn Dutch everyday, appreciate the strong guttural tendencies of this Germanic language.

Thanks for having me, Tia! 
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