Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dominican Snacks

This weekend my dad came to visit to help us with our apartment hunt.  We did a bunch of things in the short time he was here, so these are the very Dominican things we snacked on while we were busy rushing around. 

Saturday was our busiest day, and it was HOT.  At noon we had a few minutes to spare and so we went to a colmado (small convenience store that becomes a makeshift bar with plastic chairs and tables).  He had Presidente beer, which of course came bien fría (very cold).  Presidente may be my favorite beer; its light and tastes similar to Corona. 

Later on in the day we needed another refreshment, so driving around the residential streets of our new neighborhood we found a coquero (coconut water man) and bought giant coconuts.  His comment after gulping down the water and eating the meaty flesh?  I thought it would taste more like coconut.  Haha!  

On Sunday we took a road trip to Samana, which is in the northeastern side of the island.  At our pitstop, boyfriend's mom bought dulce de coco.  This is a dessert that comes in round flattened coconut balls held together by condensed milk and lots of sugar.  This time my dad agreed that it tasted like coconut!  

On Monday I took him to work with me and we bought fruit on the street outside.  I didn't snap a photo but we bought mango, banana, papaya, and pineapple all for $1.20!  

These little Dominican staples are some of my favorite things to eat on the island; I hope you'll get a chance to try them one day! 


  1. OMG! That second photo of your dad is too cute! I can't get my dad to visit me, and I've moved from my hometown for almost 5 years now.

  2. I love those dominican things!!!They are so exotic!!!!Thanks for your recommedation for Santorini.Lucky s is the best place for souvlaki indeed.