Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apartment Hunting

I have exciting news..  We are buying an apartment!

After months of looking at old, smelly, shoebox apartments for rent, and realizing that we would have to share a space of 45 m2 to stick within our renting price range, we started to consider buying an apartment.  With the same amount of money you lose each month in rent, you could be buying the apartment that you live in, and investing your money in a smart way.

We've seen some pretty cool apartments, apartments with balconies overlooking the entire city, pools and gyms and fancy rooftop terraces, we even saw an apartment with no front door - instead the elevator door opens inside your apartment!  Imagine having no house key; it feels so futuristic to me.  

These are some (mostly girly) ideas that I love right now for our future home: 

I would love to have a full out jewelry station.  I don't have my jewelry box here with, so my jewelry is currently scattered throughout a large drawer ; it takes me forever to find what I'm looking for!  IKEA must have something for this..

Making this cork board to go above a small desk.
I also want to make a Laundry sign like this one.

Adding color to the kitchen, maybe it would inspire me to bake!

Embellishing a table or stand like this.

Doing this DIY for champagne glasses.


  1. Congratulation!!!! we have exciting news too....we are going to take the first steps to build our dream house too!!! ohhh tia.... big change for us.


  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    this looks awesome. i'm so excited to start decorating our condo in september. we just moved in to a new place as well!
    congrats to you!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. Wow!! Congratulations to you!! You are making such a great investment! And it'll be so nice to do things how you like them!

  4. OMGGGGG Congrats!! Email me with the deets please :)

  5. Wow, that's a good idea, especially if you're going to be paying rent, you might as well put it towards a mortgage instead! Big step lady! Good luck on finding the dream home!

  6. Wow! How exciting! I hope you find something you both like soon. You've already got such great DIY ideas, you'll make it a home in no time at all xoxox