Tuesday, May 29, 2012

America's Latest Craze: No-Chip Manicures

As I sit here admiring my glossy nails that underwent a no-chip manicure 15 days ago, I can't help but worry.  After perusing the web to find a no-chip salon in Santo Domingo (yeah right, Tia), I researched the nail phenomenon and came across this article.  

And there is a striking resemblance to my real life
-The chemicals polish dried quickly leaving it impossible to screw up a nail on the way out of the salon.
-It has lasted two weeks already.
-It still gleams on Day 14.  I've never had shinier nail beds in my life.

But what does it tell me next?  THAT REMOVAL MUST BE DONE AT A SALON.  That DIY removal is not recommended and you're supposed to condition your nails daily?! Why didn't the nail tech tell me this!  

What the salons don't tell you is that Essie makes a great quality no-chip topcoat that you can buy for a fraction of the price and its removal is like any other ordinary polish.  I'm so glad that I hunted it down on my third trip to Target in one week.

Now if only I can successfully scrape off the chemicals and start with my new and improved version of this craze...  That would be bliss.

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