Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lago Enriquillo

Hotel Entrance
Lago Enriquillo is the largest lake and lowest point in the Caribbean.  Its a heck of a drive from Santo Domingo, so on Saturday night Ana, Carlos, boyfriend, and I spent the night in a closer town to get an early start on Sunday morning.  We stayed at Loro Tuerto (One-Eyed Parrot) which seemed to be half barn house/half bar.

Lago Enriquillo is growing too fast and will soon flood the nearby roads - its one of those places that you have to see before its too late. 

Never got the picture right!
We drove all the way around the lake, and lucky for us passengers my iPod lasted until the very end.  The landscape was beautiful.

Sinking Palm Trees
The place is famous for having alligators, flamingos, and iguanas.  The iguanas we saw were enormous, and when we stepped out of the car they ran toward us!  

Posing for his Close Up

I screamed in fear while the others wanted to pet the things.  They were very photogenic creatures - I think they were posing for our pictures (if not planning an attack).

*To visitors of Lago Enriquillo:  
There are no gas stations!  Fill your tank. 


  1. I love come to you blog everyday, I learn something new about about our world. Amazing.

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  2. Tia, i have more pictures of you and your friend "the iguanas" lmao. I will send it to you today.