Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost Haiti for Sunset

After visiting here last Sunday, we made our way to Bahia de Las Aguilas.  Our phones said "Welcome to Haiti" and being so close to the border meant that there were about 10 military control stops along the way {where fully decked out army men with huge guns stop your car, probably to see if you're smuggling drugs or persons across the border}.  Fortunately for us boyfriend is in the air force, so all he had to do was whip out his ID and they would wish us a good day.  So VIP.  Us 3 passengers all want one of our own.

We made it just in time for sunset.  The golden sand was silky soft, the colors of the landscape were so rich, and the mosquitos stayed away until our last 15 minutes there.  We ate dinner on the beach - fish marinated in coconut sauce and french fries for me - and headed back to the city right after the sun disappeared over the water. 


  1. Ahh these pictures are simply breathtaking! Especially when I am here in cold Chicago :(