Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feels like Christmas Morning

Chicago was freeezing!  I forgot what that burning sensation feels like when you're so cold it hurts.  A few days ago I spent the night at my grandparents cozy house and woke up to a Christmas museum - you couldn't look anywhere without seeing holiday decor!  

Among my favorites was the singing Christmas tree man that sang, "Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how beautiful my branches..".  Also, the pirate nutcracker and the Santa wearing Osh Begosh overalls (I'm guessing she bought the clothes separately and dressed Santa herself).  

Nice Idea for a Staircase 
Loving the Bows
After walking around and looking at all the tiny details (like the Christmas tree tea light plug-in and festive kitchen hand towels), yaya pulls out this:

Homemade Baklava
She had been "up since 5 am" [the usual] cooking and baking up a storm.  I brought back about 15 pounds of baklava, cupcakes, carrot cake, pumpkin cake, carrot cookies, and honey cookies.  I don't know who is going to eat all this!

Thank you, Yaya. 


  1. That truly is a Christmas extravaganza!! Aren't grandparents the best?! Mine were the same way and the house always smelled of delicious baked goodies this time of year. That baklava looks way too scrumptious for words...wish I had some in front of me right now:)

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