Thursday, December 22, 2011

Act of Kindness

Yesterday morning a man had a seizure right in our parking lot.  It was 7:30 in the morning, he was alone, and he was face down and rolling his face back and forth, back and forth against the cement.  I don't know anything about epilepsy, but I was told that there was nothing we could do, just wait until it passed.  I was so worried that he was going to lose all his teeth, the way he was basically grinding his mouth into the ground, back and forth, back and forth, but we were told that it was better if he was face down and if we didn't move him, because he could choke on his own tongue.

After about 8 minutes he finally stopped siezing.  By that time people from the neighborhood had come over to see what was going on, and some mentioned that they had seen him do this before close by.  He simply wasn't taking his medicine, most likely because he cant afford it (its expensive and it was obvious that he wasn't a man with a lot of money).  When it finally passed, he looked scared and embarrassed as there was a group of people hovering around him talking about him as if he couldn't hear.

It saddens me so much that there is such a great divide between the rich and the poor here, and that this must happen to him all the time, simply because he can't afford his treatment.  Boyfriend would be shaking his head at me right now, saying that this happens all around the world, and not just here, but if you're not born into the right social class here, its very, very difficult to get ahead.  The man had tools with him that would hint that he works outside or in a garden, but I'm sure he's paid near to nothing.

After a few minutes, a woman from next store came outside and said to him, "Whats your name?  When you're ready to go I'm going to take you to the pharmacy and I'm going to buy you whatever medicine you need."  She waited for him and then held his hand and walked him all the way to the pharmacy.  It was the nicest act of kindness I've seen in a long time.



  1. Awe what a perfect story just in time for Christmas!

  2. That's such a beautiful story & very nice to hear of a person helping another person out these days. There needs to be more of that as well as equality for everyone. Have a beautiful Christmas darling!

  3. Good morning tia, that is really sadL But... there is for sure a place where he can be help, I am telling you this because my mom helped this man with the same problem...but she took him to some public hospital (i have like 20 years old and honestly...i don´t remeber).

    I think that the govermet and the different social classes are not the main problem here, the problem is education and with education you can be helped by yourselve.

    "josue" was this really poor poor guy that we met, he lived in a really poor house. He went to my mom (who worked in the goverment on a nice possition) and he asked her for a grant just to study english...and she helped him. Now josue works on a public school as a english teacher :).

    I am really sorry for that man, really really sorry, makes me really sad...but social classes and goverment...are not the main problem for sure...and this for sure happens in all latino america`s country.

  4. by the i say "my mom helped this man with the same problem" i am talking about OTHER guy...just in case.