Saturday, November 19, 2011

Perks & Peeves

I can't believe its already the 19th!  I feel like November just started.
Just summing up my week..


Holding out to buy produce until Tuesday (its 30% off on Tuesdays), and adding more veggies to our diet.

Free tennis courts, because at my pace, its going to take me 5 years to learn how to play the sport.

Strengthening my friendship with Gary, the Haitian cocero (AKA the man that pushes a coconut cart around to sell coconut water).  Now Gary comes by my work every day to ask if I want agua de coco, and he makes it just how I like it - without sugar and with the "masita" (coconut flesh).


Sleeping on a sheetless bed for 2 nights in a row because rain = wet laundry.

Firing someone for the first time.  Boyfriend had warned me to be ready incase they "threw a punch" [they are feisty in this country], so naturally I was petrified.  But it went much better than expected and I came out bruise free.

My plan to fatten up boyfriend not working at its maximum potential.  The other day his mom looked at his belly and told him that he wasn't eating enough rice.  Great. Time to restock on the Nutella.



  1. haha oh tiasters you are funny. I am glad your pretty face is still intact and firing went okay.

  2. Firing can't be easy, I never had to do it and I hope I will never have to.
    All it's well when it end's well.