Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Me

A few people have told me that I should write about what happens in my typical day.  I haven't done it yet because I figure it would be a total bore, but perhaps this way you'll understand what I mean when I mention that life here is a plethora of inconveniences.

6 AM: Wake up before the sun.  Rush out the door to open the store by 6:45.

7 - 8 AM: Lecture the employees about how arriving 15-20 minutes late every day IS in fact late in my book, even if it might not be considered late in the DR.  Count inventory, which has to be done 3 times daily since stealing is so big here.

8 AM - 2 PM: Talk the talk with the regulars who call me "Americana".  Answer the nosy questions of the not-so-regulars regarding where I'm from.  Wonder if I should answer honestly when they ask me if I like their country.  Attempt to solve various problems and not get cheated.  
Daily Examples/Annoyances: 
-Call the colmado (delivery) to bring us ice/water.  Call them again 20 minutes later to make sure they're coming, and again another 20 minutes later to make sure they're on their way.
-Slice open cupcakes to see if they truly are filled with dulce de leche [suppliers try to cut costs].
-Recount all packaged products that are produced within the DR [if you order 100 12 oz cups, you will likely have about 96 when they arrive at your door].
-Call repeatedly, leave messages, email, stalk, etc. to receive price quotes and check order statuses.  

2 PM or 5 PM (depending on the day):  Get home.  Eat.  Panic about the food in the fridge if the electricity is out.  Hear boyfriend say "The Soup is not funny" when the show comes on.  Hear boyfriend laugh at some point during the show.  Attempt to exercise before the sun goes down.  Battle the rush hour traffic and try not to look at the limbless people begging for money at the stop lights.

8 PM: Come home.  Kill mosquitos.  Flip a switch for hot water to run in the shower.  Want to kill someone because of the painfully slow Internet speed.  Shower.  Go to bed with the fan on full blast, only to wake up and do it all over again. 



  1. Oh my...that is quite a list of inconveniences. On the positive side, from your photos it does look like a beautiful place though. I'm not sure I would have the energy to deal with employees and vendors like that...laziness and dishonesty bug me big time. Props to you darling:)