Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Fatten Up Your Boyfriend

I knew this was going to happen.  Since we left A's house and moved in on our own, he's been losing weight as if he were running for Miss America.  I suspected this, but seriously?!  Its as if for every 1/4 pound I lose, boyfriend sheds 3.  Unfair.  He is not underweight by any means, but I can't let his family think I starve the kid.  Therefore, I have resorted to the following efforts:

1.  Spoonfeeding him Nutella, straight out of the jar.  Sometimes I even offer to make him Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches [this is HUGE coming from me].

What Boyfriend Emails to Me..
2.  Allowing him to buy Merengue and Refresco Rojo - popular Domininan soft drinks that taste horrible!  Merengue tastes like a cheap version of cream soda, and Refresco Rojo tastes just like red cough syrup.  

26 grams of sugar per 8 oz.  WooHoo!
3.  Letting him be the 10 year old that he is.  The second I look away at the supermarket, he goes and puts this in our shopping cart.

Reminds me of my Childhood
4.  Always keeping walnuts, avocado, bread, and full fat cheese in the house (I do somewhat care about his health..  Maybe.)

I realize that this list is awfully pathetic, and that I really should just suck it up and start learning how to cook normal meals.  Ba Humbug.  Maybe this month you'll actually see a recipe post coming from me.  



  1. hahahaha i love it! i try to sabotage jake all the time with any sweets! :-D

  2. hahaha! Love this. Tiasters just suck it up and start cooking other things than sandwiches haha..if you are going to have children, you gotto learn how to cook lol

  3. Hehe...I used to eat Nutella every morning for breakfast. I probably gained 10 pounds from it doing over a year's time. Eating late then going to bed when your not burning calories is another great way to gain weight too. But definitely not a bad thing to learn how to cook either:) Cute post darling!

  4. Cute post. But seriously, sometimes guys have all the luck.