Monday, November 28, 2011

Road Tripping in the DR

This weekend we drove 700 kilometers [435 miles] in 32 hours.  In true form, most of the time was spent passing through small villages and on gravel dirt roads.  In the Dominican Republic,

You Know You're In el campo When: 

There are zero street signs and you're praying for a cell signal so that you can use your trusty smartphone GPS.

You drive through villages whose names have no relation whatsoever, like Little New York and Come to See.

Children are riding donkeys that have 100 plantains hanging off of them.

You spot 6 people riding 1 moped {3 adults and 3 children - a new personal record for me}.

Women are getting their hair put up in rollers outside right on the main boulevard.

Bare bottomed boys roam the streets.

You can see all the stars and planets in the sky. 

A bat flies straight at your windshield.

And lastly, you know that you've been away for too long when arriving in the capital feels like you've just landed in NYC.  Street lights?!  Buildings?!  And you realize why you live in the city. 

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  1. omg tiasters i dont know how you do Hopefully you bought some plantains from the children! lol