Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Colonial Zone

This Sunday was boyfriend's turn.  

Colonial Zone
We've managed to strike a deal.  One Sunday he goes to play futbol (soccer) for a brutally long 3.5 hours.  The following Sunday he takes me to the beach.  Personally I think I deserve more out of the deal, but that I'll save for another post. 

Balcony View
So Sunday morning, Ana took me to the Colonial Zone to do some touristy things.  We visited Diego Colon's house (Chris Columbus' son).  I had no idea that back in the day they slept in a half sitting position.  Why?!  Don't you wonder why they didn't try our sleep position and realize its 100x more comfortable?  There has to be something I'm missing here. 

We visited an amber shop.  Did you know that if the stone has an insect inside it becomes a lot more expensive? In the same amber shop we sampled Mama Juana (a Dominican alcohol made of rum, wine, honey, and marinated tree twigs and bark).  

Dulce de Leche
We went to the Casa de los Dulces and bought Dominican sweets.  We finished the morning with a trip to the market Mercado Modelo, where every stall is filled with the same souvenirs, and where every stall owner will try to convince you that his is extra special.  I left empty-handed. 

Hope you all had a phenomenal pre-Thanksgiving weekend. 

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  1. That's a perfect deal if you ask me:) That amber is beautiful and that Mama Juana sounds really different but yummy. I really love places like this that are so rich with history. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!