Thursday, March 1, 2012

Parents Visit - Recap 2

Week Highlights:  Part 2

Sunday: The Day we went Snorkeling
We took an excursion that day and drove speedboats out to snorkel in the middle of the sea.  My dad, traumatized from his banana boat incident from the day before, stayed in the boat while we had bread thrown at us in the water for the surrounding fish.  After snorkeling, we parked our speedboats in a very shallow area where party boats accumulate and laughed at all the old men getting down in their speedos.

{Worn out from snorkeling}
Monday: The Day we saw Playa Juanillo and ate too much Seafood
On our drive back to the capital we stopped at CapCana, which is similar to Casa de Campo but with a picture perfect beach.  We ate a big seafood dinner on the water in Boca Chica, which I'm sure paid a big contribution to my week's 4 pound weight gain!  We finished the night with red wine on an outdoor terrace in the colonial zone with A's parents. 

{Playa Juanillo}
Tuesday:  The Day we returned to Reality
My parents left on Tuesday and it was time to go back to work.  I think they liked the country more than they thought they would, because as my mom put it, I "make it sound like I live in Rihanna's Man Down video" - But hey, we did give them the censored version of the DR..  Hehe.

{Our last dinner}

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  1. Sounds amazing!!!! and that pic just made me crave calamari!