Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parents Visit - Recap 1

I havent blogged in over a week because its been vacation time for me!  My parents were in town for 6 days; here's the recap.

Week Highlights: Part 1

Thursday: The Day my Parents Met Boyfriend's Family
That evening there were about 20 of us indulging in a big parrillada [BBQ] in the backyard.  We ate churrasco [skirt steak] and big bowls of habichuela con dulce for dessert [a creamy, cold sweet & spicy soup made out of red beans and condensed milk].  Of course, dancing started and boyfriend danced merengue with my mom.  Her new thing is that she wants to learn how to dance "Dominican style" - merengue, salsa, and bachata.

{Not our best pic, but the only one for now!}
Friday: The Day we Visited Casa de Campo
En route to our resort, Barceló Dominican Beach in Bávaro, we stopped at Casa de Campo.  We walked, took pictures, window shopped at the overly expensive boutiques, had drinks, admired the yachts, and rested our feet in the calm waters of Playa Minitas.  

{Overlooking the river at Altos de Chavón}
Saturday: The Day my Dad fell off the Banana Boat
On our first full day at the resort, the four of us rented a banana boat.  And my dad fell off the end of the banana!  As he couldn't lift himself back onto the banana, it took a good ten minutes to hoist him out of the water and into the boat that was pulling us.  The poor driver had no idea what to do because none of us were strong enough to lift him.  I thought he would have to be dragged to shore with a rope tied to his life vest.  After many failed attempts (and lots of flopping back into the water after getting halfway onto the boat), he made it into the boat and safely back to the shore.

It was a pee-in-pants-from-laughing-so-hard moment, and not just for me!

{Our beach}
More beach pictures coming soon!


  1. Oh my goodness...your poor father!! I've fallen off a canoe before, so I guess I kind of know the feeling. Hope he's ok!

    That bbq and skirt steak and all that food for a matter of fact sounds absolutely heavenly. Gosh, I don't think it gets any better:)

    Enjoy every last moment of your vacations darling gal. It sounds and looks like one incredible time!! xx Marisa

  2. I'm glad that it went well!!!! Can you email me? I want all the details.

  3. Awe Tia, it looks like your vaca went awesome. I Cant wait to hear details. Skype soon??


  4. OMG can't stop laughing! I can perfectly see you crying out of laugh without strength to lift your poor dad back onto the banana! I'm glad he is ok! We have to catch up!! Tell me when ;)