Monday, February 13, 2012

Casa De Campo

Casa de Campo is one of the most exclusive properties in the DR.  A friend let us borrow their entrance card, and boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend our Sunday there.  The resort is home to a world leading hotel, residences, the leading design school in the country, many golf courses, a marina, shopping, movie theater, supermarket, and restaurants of all cuisines - in other words you never have to leave the complex if you're a millionaire that lives there.  Many celebrities have homes there; including Dominican designer Oscar de La Renta, Shakira, Donald Trump, Vin Diesel, and Brad Pitt.  Unfortunately there were no celeb spottings yesterday.

Restaurants overlooking the Marina
A and I spent the day strolling past the multimillion dollar homes of all shapes and sizes, many of which had SmartCar or golf car collections in their open-air garages.  Boyfriend admired the Ferraris while I admired the yachts - I don't think we would ever agree on what to buy if we won the lottery.  

Top of the Amphitheater
At one corner of the land is Altos de Chavón, a replica of a medieval European city, with a large Roman amphitheater, beautiful views of the river, a church, and lots of small artisan shops and museums to fill its cobblestone streets. 

Altos de Chavón
There wasn't a cloud in the sky, so after lots of walking on this very hot day we rested at Playa Minitas.  The water was so clear I could see all the little fish swimming around my legs.  Of course, boyfriend was the only sun-loather fully dressed while laying on the crisp white chaise lounges at the shore. 

Standing thigh-deep 
It was awfully difficult to leave Casa de Campo and come back to reality, but I've begun my countdown to return to the beach in just 2 short weeks!  Life is good..


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  1. Casa de Campo looks like paradise! A and you look really happy to be there! Where are you headed in 2 weeks?