Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daily Life

We are 1/4 of the way through February and I've only written a single post this month!  Bloggers, do you ever feel uninspired?  For two weeks at a time?!  My days have been filled with routine this month, and for me, routine = boredom.  I'm thinking I need this encouragement every morning: 

Today someone told me that I should see my day to day life as an experience.  Its easy for me to think that nothing exciting happens in my day to day expat life, but if I think real hard to find intrigue in my days I somehow do.  Examples: 

I fought a mentally unstable woman over a frothing pitcher at work.  Imagine me and a screaming 45 year old battling over a pitcher full of steamed milk..  At least she didn't spit on me like she did on my coworker the other day!  I guess this kinda thing doesn't happen every day.  

Boyfriend and I were mid tennis match when about 20 people jumped out of a helicopter with multicolored parachutes right above us!  We had to stop playing as I just stood there in awe looking at the sky and wondering how they all ended up in the same place.  I don't know how people have the guts for these things.

Wednesday (Today)
I got nothing for you.  I had to fire someone and interviewed a few others.  Blah.

But..  Fast forward to Friday and we are going to a live music bar for an Adele tribute!  Cant wait.



  1. Tiasters how did you get that on your alarm??

  2. Totally know what you mean. We all get in a funk from time to time!

  3. Yes, I feel uninspired, sometimes I do, but I really try to post always.
    But... if you feel like this, you really should take a break, a small one, visit blog that you love, that inspire you, and trust me... it will come back to you.

  4. Oh my yes, I totally feel the same way at times from the day to day monotony, but goodness, your week seems far from dull if you ask me. Parachuters and a crazy middle age lady fighting over a pitcher...goodness, those are not things you see from day to day. Have fun at the Adele tribute..sounds like it will be an amazing time:)