Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Love

With my new work schedule, this weekend was my first two day weekend, 
and let me tell you..  It was bliss.  

What a difference it makes to have two days off instead of one!  For the past six months, Sundays have been my day of "rest" [my only day off], and subconsciously, my day of stress.  I think I felt that since it was my only free day, I had to jam-pack it with something big, like traveling to a new place or going to a far away beach, etc. etc.  Of course this was a good thing, but it made the day and weekend speed by so fast, leaving no time for the peace & quiet.

With my weekend essentially doubling, Sundays are finally going to be a day of rest/relaxation - exactly what Sundays are made for.  Yesterday we didn't do anything crazy - we spent the entire day at boyfriend's parents house.  We sat in the hot tub, I read gossip magazines while watching Chelsea Lately, and we ate too much Papa John's delivery for dinner [they really get you on the "specials"!]..

Sunny Day
These types of days can do wonders.  Two different people told me today that I seemed more relaxed and rested than normal.  So, cheers to my new favorite day of the week!