Friday, March 2, 2012

Sexy Yaya

My sexy yaya turned 67 on Monday!  Because she is spending a month in Greece, I still haven't had a chance to wish her a Happy Birthday in person or voice-to-voice, so I do hope this birthday post reaches her all the way over there.

{Park Guell, Barcelona}
Yaya is a smart, often-times stubborn-minded, strong, and beautiful little lady.  Before moving abroad, I probably saw her twice a week, and so its very hard to only see her a few times a year these days.  When I moved to Barcelona, she went straight to the store and told the salesperson that she needed a computer, just so that she could talk to her granddaughter living overseas [thank God for Skype].  She had never used a computer before in her life, and since then she has taught herself how to type/Skype/Facebook/e-mail and even stumble on StumbleUpon!  I wish that I am as determined as she is when I'm in my 60's.

{Having lunch with me in Barcelona}
She is a wonderful grandmother to have; she cooks and bakes me up a storm at every chance she gets, she always supports me, and always expresses how she feels - whether its how much she loves me/how proud she is of me in a card or email - or whether its her pouty face on Skype because I haven't talked to her in two weeks [she'll say its been two months] - I always admire her for her honesty, unconditional love, and overall energy.

Happy Birthday, Yaya.  Missing you always. 


  1. Happy Birthdat to your Yaya!!! I love the relationship you both have! Enjoy it!!

  2. Awee!! I love your yaya and her cup reading.

  3. She sounds so awesome! What a great role model!

  4. Happy birthday to your Yaya! What a beautiful lady and amazing woman...the apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree:) She reminds me so much of my Oma (grandmother).

  5. Happy belated birthday to your sweet Yaya! I remember the damn good Greek meal she cooked us in BCN.. you are so lucky, hehe.