Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Cloudy Day

Today did not feel like a day in the DR.  It was cloudy.  The whole, freaking, day.  That never happens here.  Ever ever ever.  It may be cloudy for a couple hours, but the whole day?  Really?  I felt like I was in Chicago.  Not only was the weather depressing, but I had to spend the day at a work location full of bitter and demotivated employees.  

You see, the DR is one of those countries where you have to pay someone a lot of $$$ to fire them.  This means that employees who have been with the company for years are pre-tty darn comfortable to do as they please, because they actually want to be fired!  Example: the second shift starts at 2 PM.  The girl working that shift today strolled herself in at 3:05 PM!  Did she say "Sorry" to the morning girls who had to stay an extra hour waiting for her?  Did she even say "Hello" to me or care to give a reason or excuse for being late?  Not even.  I wanted to kick her.  Really, I was close.

But enough moaning about my blah day.  I know I shouldn't complain about bad weather (if it comes here once in a blue moon), and about employees that I don't have to see everyday.  And the day wasn't even all blah.  

The perks: 
I ate platano maduro [food makes me too happy..]
Boyfriend met me for lunch
I finally ran today after a two week hiatus
I found an extra hour in my day that I didn't think I would have
(And that extra hour was spent reading, writing this post, and painting my nails)
Tonight we're going to an extra long Happy Hour for a birthday

Plus, this made me giggle:

Guess what..  The week is halfway over tomorrow!


  1. It's funny how different the culture is in DR. Jeez that would never ever fly here lol

  2. someone needs to post again!!!

    Your fans in the Netherlands are waiting....

  3. Girl, where are you? No new post, are you OK?