Monday, June 17, 2013

Wine Tasting at Santo Wines

On Friday, A, my dad, and I visited Santo Wines to take in the view and do some wine tasting.  Santo Wines is the biggest wine producer on the island and is very well known on an international level.  The wine tasting here is more touristic and less personal, but is still worth it for the caldera view, atmosphere, and great quality local wines. 

{I didn't realize until after that our camera was on a horrible setting!}
{Wish the real colors would have turned out! :( }
We chose the 6 wine tasting that is served with cheese, olives, "toast" (crunchy bread), and Santo's tomato paste, but they also have a 12 and even an 18 wine tasting!  My favorites were the dry white Assyrtiko, the SANTO Semi Sweet Red, and the classic honey-like dessert wine Santorini Vinsanto

The company not only produces excellent wines, but it manufactures some of Santorini's best local food products, such as fava (yellow split peas that turn into a puree) and tomato paste (the island has killer tomatoes because of the volcanic soil). The foodie in me loved perusing their store, but the smarty in me knew that you can buy everything at the supermarket for much cheaper. ;)  *Note to future Santorini visitors: you can buy Santo wine in the supermarket in clear, plastic, 1.5 liter bottles for only 3 or 4 euros! {Same wines cost upwards of $20 in the US and abroad.}

{A whole wall filled with recognition & awards}

{Love their terrace; this is only a fraction of it}

Have you tasted Greek wine?  
Do you enjoy dessert wine as much as I do?!


  1. What a fun place to wine taste!!! :-)

  2. Wine tasting is my favorite. We used to go to a little place in AZ all the time - they had a great fruit and cheese platter. Yum.

    I can't get over your photos. The water is so blue and beautiful!

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