Monday, June 24, 2013

A Night in Oia

Last week we finally made it to Oia; my favorite Santorini town.  Oia is similar to Fira because they are both large villages perched high on the caldera cliff.  Both towns feature boutique hotels, restaurants, shopping, and bars, and although they are only 11 kilometers apart and share the same landscape, the towns are strikingly different.  Whereas Fira is lively and sort of rough around the edges {the stone streets are uneven and many smell like donkeys}, Oia is more upscale and reserved, with marble streets filled with expensive art galleries and fine dining.

Oh, and another thing..  Oia is home to the world's most famous sunset!  We headed there a bit late one night last week, so we caught the sunset on our drive there.  We jumped out of the car and snapped a few photos on the side of the curvy, windy road that takes you to the tip of the island.

When we arrived, the sun had disappeared but the shades of blue, then of pink and orange still lingered in the sky.  Here are some photos from our night.

Lots of windmills!
The village of Oia alone has 79 churches
Nearly all eateries are alfresco style - my favorite!

After walking many of the stairs you see in these pictures, we popped into Melenio for a treat.  I've been to this bakery cafe a few times before and have never left disappointed.  They have a wide range of local desserts and a pretty rooftop terrace {the food arrives via a mini food elevator since their kitchen is downstairs}.  The baklava we shared was to die for!

Have you been to Fira & Oia?  Which is your favorite?
A prefers Fira and I prefer Oia!


  1. Every photo looks like a postcard. It must be magical to live there!

  2. Looks beautiful... and I totally had to get baklava this weekend because your photos of it looked so good! :)

  3. Oh my... the pictures are breathtaking! I felt that when we were in Santorini we had enough time. Now seeing your pictures of sunset and everything, I feel like I need to go back!!

  4. This is totally on my Bucket List! GORGEOUS pics!!!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, I can only imagine what it looked like in real life!

  6. Oh my word. All those pictures are gorgeous!!! I NEED to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!