Friday, June 21, 2013

Pieces of Happy: Santorini Style

1.  Santorini's 2 movie theaters usually play older flicks, but this week Man of Steel is playing (and in 3D!) and we're going to see it tonight!  I love going to the movies. 

2.  For the first time in 4 years of life abroad, I have my own transportation!  
Let me introduce you to our shiny & new ATV, R2D2. 

3.  I live in a place where baklava is always on the menu.  Just look at it.  

4.  Walking through Oia the other night.  More pictures coming soon!

5.  Lucky's Souvlakis.  Real Greek gyros.  The most delicious junk food.  
Loaded with french fries and topped with tzatziki to ensure garlic breath for at least 12 hours.  :)


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  2. Everything on this list, I want right now! :)

  3. What a wonderful place to live! :-)

  4. I want that transportation too!!! So coool!!! Your pics are on another level. I want to go soo bad!! still don't know when... :(

  5. Your photos look fantastic! But how can they be bad in such a beautiful place? New follower from the Pieces of Happy Link-up. I can't wait to see what other things you will post :)

    Kelsey @

  6. Ooh... We ate so much baklava when we were in Greece. We got so fat. Happy, but definitely fat! Gorgeous photos!!