Friday, June 14, 2013

Donkey City & The Old Port of Santorini

On Day 2 here, A declared that Santorini should be nicknamed Donkey City.  Donkeys are just the animal of Santorini; they were used for transportation for many years.  Growing up I remember always seeing old men riding donkeys on the side of the road when I visited.  I don't see much of it anymore, but the donkey has become the official souvenir of Santorini.  Whatever souvenir you can imagine, there is one here with a donkey on it.

Today, you'll find most of the donkeys (although I think 90% are actually mules) along the 588 steps that lead to the old port, which is where all the cruise ships leave their passengers these days.  The cruise visitors have the option to take a cable car up to the town of Fira, ride a donkey up, or hike up the old fashioned way, cautious of not stepping in any donkey droppings, of course.

Last week we decided to hike all the way down and back up the steps, just to be active, I guess.  It was a workout!  And there were so. many. donkeys.  A few times we had to shimmy our way through groups of them without any donkey tamers around {scary} and we got whipped by a few tails.  Note: do not hike these steps between the hours of 9 and 6 - it is too hot!


  1. how scary to almost be trampled by donkeys! haha lovin all the greece posts :)

  2. What fun! I want to go ride the donkeys. :-)

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