Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Want a Pony

I never asked for a pony as a little girl, but I'm asking for one now.  
Just look at him!!  Or her?  
Lets  call him/her Pony

Pony lives in the village of Karterados along the main road that takes you to Fira {middle of the island}.  He/she is maybe 3 feet tall and has a water bucket and a little wooden roof to rest in the shade {I saw one night that Pony sleeps under it, too}.  I look for him/her every time we drive by and have stopped twice to visit.  Poor Pony is always alone; I feel sorry for him/her!  Do ponies get lonely by themselves?  Would it be totally ridiculous to buy him/her?  What would I do with a pony?..  {This post is going under my shopping label..}

If anyone is in the market for a pony from Santorini...
I can find Pony's owner.
I want him/her to have a home!

And if not, sorry for this pointless post! ;)


  1. Everytime you post this picture on instagram I seriously giggle to myself because I did the same exact thing in Iceland, I fell in love with an Icelandic pony and to this day, I still look at Nick and say "I wonder how my Icelandic pony is." haha

  2. Awwww, I have no self control when it comes to animals! I would be buying that little cutie haha

  3. AAAhhh!!! I want one so bad! It can live in my apartment with me! Please and thank you.

  4. Sad pony. When we were there we wandered off the beaten track a little and found where they kept the donkeys that climb the hill. It looked a little worn down and sad. I think the donkeys need a vacation.

  5. I would totally buy this pony! You could give the little pony a great home and lots of love. :)

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