Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Birthday Dinner

Last Friday was my birthday!  That night A and I went to La Scarpetta, the same place where we spent Valentines Day this year.  We looked up scarpetta in Italian, and it means shoe!  Definitely not a word I would think of to describe this cozy little Italian place that we love so much.  The walls hold bookshelves stacked with Italian cook books and old clocks, and there are antiques and Christmas lights hanging all over the walls.  La Scarpetta serves "rustic" Italian meals, and although their food rarely looks pretty to the eye, it tastes pretty damn wonderful!  

Heres what we ate: 


1. La Baita.  Polenta squares topped with gorgonzola and Italian bacon, served with Fontina cheese and a dash of pesto.
2. Caserecce al pesto siciliano {his}.  Fresh pasta with pesto and sun dried tomato and walnuts. 
3. Gramigna {mine}. Fresh pasta with red wine marinated Italian sausage served with a provolone cheese sauce. 
4. Fruit tart.  With so much creamy filling! 

Everything was oh so good!  
I can't wait to eat here again. 


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  2. I've never had any of these dishes before... well, except for the fruit tart. It all looks wonderful!

  3. That food looks increadible! :-)