Friday, May 17, 2013

The Green Road to Haiti

A's family is working on a project in the province of San Juan, just one hour away from Haiti, and yesterday we joined them for the day.  Knowing that we would need to wake up at 6 and that it would take 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back did not dissuade me, because I know that anytime you drive north or west of the capital you are gauranteed stunning views of the very green land and mountains.  The long trip was worth it for the scenery alone.

Passing through little villages I always see children walking around outside without shoes on, but the difference is that they aren't begging in the road like the ones you see in the capital.  Still, its sad.  I  also see so many shops for clothing and shoes and handbags with signs like these below, meaning Everything American - imported to boot!  I wonder why fashion is regarded so seriously.

Other scenes from yesterdays road trip?  A beautiful, young white horse just trotting along in the middle of the highway and our pit stop for mangos and coconut water.  My favorite!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I wouldn't mind a long ride for scenery like that either!

  2. Beautiful!! and Yummy the coconut water and mangos!!!

  3. there are so many stores here that advertise "ropa americana" as well!! and then they also just put a forever21 in the mall that everyone is going crazy for. i think its so interesting that they have so many north american influences!