Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Birthday Cake

I love anything and everything lavender.  Especially food!  Its pretty rare to find lavender in the Dominican Republic, but I found it at a health food store and therefore begged A's chef sister to make me something lavender flavored for my birthday.  I'm pretty sure I've devoured 3 pounds of this deliciousness in the past 5 days! 

I don't have the recipe that she used, but this one looks pretty good.  She gave me the leftover lavender  and I'm thinking of what I can make with it, especially since we have organic honey from la finca.  Any ideas of something easy?  I'm the worst in the kitchen! 


  1. These look amazing!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :-)

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  3. I've never tried lavender in food before! Looks good. Hope you had a great birthday!