Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Madness

Run Down of Today: 

1.  Worked alone all morning because the new girl working with me quit after two days.  "Its too much work." - Translation: "Working with an American requires me actually doing work."

2.  Rushed out at 2:15.  Prepared my legal docs to be turned in on Wednesday.  Dear Lord, please don't let us have a repeat of this

3.  Exchanged money at the currency exchange since my bank does not except Euros (whaat?).  Left feeling like a billionaire.

Had over 100 of these bad boys
4.  Picked up a 10lb box of clothes from America.  The AeroPaq/JetPack business is the greatest invention in this country - you send your package to an address in Miami, they bring it over on the next boat (usually the same or next day), and the cost is minimal.  Online shopping will now commence. 

5.  Went to our realtor's house to sign our apartment contract.  Finally.  She is a crazy cat lady type and judging from her home decor and personal style, I believe she thinks she's a movie star.  I didn't know where to look while I was there. 

6.  Retook the awful passport pictures I took my first week here.  I was chatty with the employee and he photoshopped the oily skin off my face.  Score. 

7.  Spent a good two hours at IKEA.  Although neither of us enjoy cooking & cleaning, we left with only some tupperware and a toilet bowl cleaner.  And of course, we had these for dinner.  

Time to watch the very end of Entourage and snooze.  
Apartment pictures coming soon.


  1. haha...too funny. I used to have a landlord like that...she thought she was a rockstar or something:) I really need to get over to Ikea to pick up somethings for my new place...I could really get lost and spend hours in there. Looking forward to seeing your apartment photos.

    Thanks so much for your kind condolence:) Definitely help shed some light on my dreary week. xx Marisa

  2. Your life is crazy miss Tia! PS wasn't the end of Entourage amazing? Steven thought it was way too SATC (aka unrealistic) but I loved it. xx