Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Akon Plays the Bongos

A & I
Akon also loves to shower himself with bottles of water and let female fans pull/tug on a certain male body part.

These are just a few of the many things I learned about Akon after attending his rather comical concert on Saturday night.  Well, Sunday morning.  The concert start time was 9 pm.  What time did Akon begin? 1:30 am.  1:30.  IN THE MORNING.  I'm sure that wouldn't fly in America.

Anna & Carlos
Never have I seen so much thrusting within a 3 hour time span.  I especially liked when he changed up his moves a bit to begin a repetitive air smacking gesture while belting out Smack That.

Concert highlights included Akon's crowd surfing, and his stripping which eventually revealed his bright red boxer briefs.  He also spent a few songs rolling around the crowd in a bubble and had a look of terror on his face the whole time.

Before rolling in his bubble
My favorite part was when he surprised the audience with a guest duet performance with a Dominican version of himself.  The little Latino man looked about 5 feet tall and was wearing a fur vest and jacket, despite it being about 85 degrees outside.  Even so, the crowd went crazy while I just wanted to die laughing the whole time.

Akon and his Dominican version

Overall, I enjoyed the concert.  Surely not because Akon is the greatest artist, but because he's entertaining in a way that he doesn't even mean to be.  Two thumbs up.  


  1. This is officially my favorite blog post you've ever written. i'm dying laughing Tia... i miss you so so so so much