Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Afternoon in Pictures

After a long week at work (which still isn't over), I need to focus my energy on things outside of the place where I spend 7-9 hour shifts 6 days of my week!

So this was the rest of today after 2:

Boyfriend kept poking me in the side while driving, sometimes I think he's 5 inside.  I attempted to take some scenic pics so that he would stop being 5.
It worked!

66 cent watermelons
Chit chat on the street
We ventured out to Carrefour to hit the hanger sale and admire the flat screens.  A thinks we're going to buy one that is bigger than our living room.

Dropped off things at our apartment.
Still don't know if it being furnished is a good or bad thing.

Room that reminds me of the Flintstones
Went on a hunt.  Peeved that Swiffer Sweepers haven't made their debut here.

Didn't buy any of these yellow beauties.  Looks like we'll be using a towel, bucket, and our hands like Ildiko suggested.

May no one ever call me high maintenance again!


  1. awe your apt looks so cute!! :) Do they use pesos in DR?

    P.S. That's how my mom cleans their house..bucket, water, towel and her hands lol

  2. Cute apartment, very island beachy feel, I want to see other pics from the rest of the apt! We need a skype date soon, replying to fb messages has become difficult, work and my capstone are exhausting me too much. When are you free?

  3. Just love your stories, miss tia :) Those brooms are so do-it-yourself too.... welcome to the world of being a modern day cinderalla.

  4. YOUR APARTMENT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Amazing pictures as well.. Love the truck full of watermelons & the chit chat on the street