Monday, September 19, 2011


On Saturday night we pull up to Tumi and think its closed.  There is no one inside the restaurant besides some people staring at us through the clear glass window with a look that says, 'What are you doing doing here?'  It turned out it was open, and I'm so glad it was.

The Peruana
Carlos first introduced me to Inca Kola in Chicago, Peru's popular soft drink that tastes like cream soda.  We gulped down some of this while listening to traditional music that sounded just like my grandma's Greek music.

I had fish with a coconut sauce (ok, maybe this was more Caribbean than Peruvian).  Boyfriend had Ají de Gallina, a chicken slew with a very creamy, rich sauce.

Erick had octopus, and Anahi had Anticucho - translation: cow heart.

 Just like Shish Kabob        Source
Now I am not one to eat animal insides; I prefer white meat and will go for the occasional fillet mignon, but Anticucho wasn't so bad after all.  If Anahi didn't mention how its important to clean out the arteries, I think I could've ordered it.

Peru is becoming increasingly popular for its food tourism, and I'm not the slightest bit surprised as to why; the meal left me even more intrigued.

Peru:  Stop #1 when I visit South America. 


  1. Your yaya would approve of the cow heart i'm sure ;) (referencing her easter soup)...still, just the thought is ick. but i guess eating any part of an animal is.. it's one of those things I prefer not to ponder too much :D

  2. This looks so interesting and now I'm hungry.