Monday, July 8, 2013

My Santorini Diet

I love food.  Probably too much!  I love exploring cultures through their food and my diet is constantly changing, depending on what country I'm in.  While I was living in the Dominican Republic, although we ate out a lot (we hate cooking!), my diet was very much plant based at home, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The produce was so cheap!

{This is my grandmother every day!!}
Here, my diet is definitely more "hearty", as my grandmother cooks nearly all of our lunches, which is the biggest meal of the day.  I have gained a couple of pounds since moving here, but I figure at least they were gained eating well!  #excuses.  I thought it would be fun to share with you what is typically eaten in a Greek home...

Morning Things 

1. Greek yogurt with honey
2. Bougatsa - traditional sweet breakfast pastry filled with cream; usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon

Mains & Sides

{from left to right}
1. Spinach pie
2. Greek salad - usually eaten every day
3. Grilled squid
4. Dolmades - vegetarian stuffed grape leaves filled with rice
5. Fish, boiled potatoes, and horta {and french bread is always on the table}
6. A seafood salad served on crunchy bread and lamb served over risotto at Anogi restaurant
7. Garbanzo soup
8. Green beans {always slathered with lots of EVOO and accompanied with feta}
9. Stuffed tomatoes, (round) zucchinis, and green peppers, served with potatoes - stuffed with meat and rice
10. Lentil soup with feta crumbles

Local Santorini Foods

1. Tomato balls - a fried tomato & herb batter, usually served as an appetizer or side dish
2. Caper leaves - Santorini produces excellent capers often served in salads
3. Eggplants from our garden {which A waters every day!} and fava - similar to yellow peas which turn into a soup when boiled
4. The famous cherry tomatoes - the volcanic soil makes these tomatoes so sweet.  The island uses them to make its best selling tomato paste; you'll never need to add sugar when using it in pasta sauces!

Snacks & Late Night

1. Souvlaki - chicken or pork gyros topped with onion, tomato, french fries, tzatziki sauce, and wrapped in warm, soft pita bread
2. Watermelon - I've seen 30 pounders here!
3. Figs - my favorite fruit out of Santorini
4. A very creamy cold frappe - Greece's take on iced coffee

What do you think?  Is it similar to the diet where you live?
Could you eat Greek food everyday?!


  1. omg alll this food looks super yummy! One of my best friends is dating a Greek guy and through that relationship, I've been exposed to some super yummy food! I used to hate olives and feta but I'm a big fan now haha.

  2. I laughed at the first picture because I feel like that when I'm starving and the kid isn't hungry yet! Oh man, you take wonderful food pictures! My mouth is watering right now wanting to try all of those dishes and sides.

  3. Oh my goodness, all that food looks AMAZING! I could totally eat Greek food all day, every day! And now I'm craving it... Darn! :-)

  4. OMG I'm drooling, literally! I'm jealous of your stomach haha!

  5. Yes and yes! I could eat Greek food every day. We gained weight just looking at baklava shops. It was awesome!! Your pictures are making me hungry!

  6. Figs are one of my favorite fruits! We have 2 large trees in our garden and I'm spoiled with fresh figs all summer long. So delicious!

  7. I NEED to move to Greece. I eat all of this on the regular... except figs. :)

  8. That really looks tasty!! But I am the same like you, I normally eat what is typical in the country....
    But 7 weeks in Brazil was a bit hard in the sense of food, since they are eating rice with beans EVERY DAY and after 2 weeks I just couldn't do it anymore and cooked some 'Europe stuff' on my own^^

  9. oh my gosh looks so good!! i could eat a greek salad every day! and my grandma is just like that too! hahh