Monday, July 1, 2013

Akrotiri Sunset

Last night after lots of gardening and linen laundry around the hotel, we decided to take R2D2 {our ATV} for a ride to Akrotiri at the very end of the island and maybe catch the sunset.  I had never ventured so far out on that end before, and even though Santorini is only 28 square miles {73 square kilometers}, we felt faaar from civilization!  

We passed many small beaches that I had never seen before, and all along the cliffside road a traditional taverna serving fresh seafood would suddenly appear overlooking the caldera; I love how there are so many places to take advantage of the Santorini sunset. 

When we finally made it to the faros [lighthouse] at the very tip of the island, we realized we made perfect timing.  We were the last ones to arrive of the 10 or so that were there to see it.  Of the 10, there were a few couples cuddling together on the rocks, and solo travelers equipped with hiking shoes and tripods.  And then there were us, the last minute arrivers in flip flops, with iPhones.. ;)

I much prefer the sunset in Oia {its world famous for a reason!}, but if you want to enjoy the sunset without people around, then the sunset in Akrotiri is for you.  The area is so quiet and secluded that even with other people there, you feel as if you're the only one.