Friday, March 29, 2013

My Take On Our Wedding Flop

Up until two days ago, A & I thought we were getting married this Sunday, 3.31.13.  But, due to slow movers island time, our wedding has been cancelled.  Something about the city hall office deciding to close early on its last day before Easter Break, yadda yadda, the point is it was not confirmed in time and now there is no way to contact the judge who was supposed to marry us this Sunday...

My failed Instagram countdown :(

Now, I believe the average bride would be fuming!  Who would want to find out only four days before the wedding that they cannot marry?!? But, oddly enough, I'm actually ok.  If living in the DR has taught me anything, its that nothing here is certain and that I must have patience if I want stay sane!  Really, such is life in the DR.

As opposed to being negative, I am feeling quite grateful.  As they say, everything happens for a reason, and now that our date has changed, my dad will be able to make it down for the wedding.  Plus, now that we are planning to marry on a Saturday, I can go to my trusted hair lady to give me a 'do and I have 2 more weeks to convince A to get a haircut!  Maybe now I can even pick up some last minute items to complete my wedding day ensemble.  In the span of a lifetime, two extra weeks aint nothin'; the important thing is that wetruly, in fact, are getting married! {Eventually.  Soon.}

On Monday morning we hope to finalize our new date;
wish us luck for


  1. Good for you for taking it all in stride! Crossing my fingers that it all works out perfectly the second time around for you :)

  2. Wow, good for you to be so flexible. I would have had a panic attack and then thrown a fit and then had my wedding anyway, even if it wasn't going to be legally recognized if that had happened to me!

    I tried to reply to the comment you left on my blog and it looks like you're a "no-reply blogger." Here's a link, if you want to know how to change that.

  3. Woohoo! Fingers crossed for 4/13/13 for ya!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend doll!

  4. OMG how heartbreaking!!!!!! Fingers crossed for the new date!

  5. youre so right though! Everything happens for a reason :) I'm sure it will be lovely!

  6. way to keep positive! and i guess this shows that everything happens for a reason- you're sure to have a lovely and wonderful day! congratulations :)

  7. I love your blog! It's great :) You are amazing! Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)
    Kisses ♥♥♥

  8. oh island time. CR is the same we call it tico time!!! and good for you not getting stressed about it .. i certainly would not have been happy!

  9. Everything happens for a reason I guess! Good on you for staying so calm and positive!! Crossing my fingers for the new wedding date! How exciting!! Kristina x

  10. I know all about island time, Fiji is no different. You're handling it beautifully. I've learnt to laugh it off. For our wedding in Fiji (we were actually married in Hong Kong - which was amazingly efficient!), the day of the blessing/wedding, we couldn't get my father in law over to the smaller island where everything was happening. I spent the most part of the day on the phone with the airline and the other part on the phone with doctors - our little niece on the island was really sick. I tried on my outfit and it didn't fit. It was hilarious at the time and it still is today! :)