Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Cave in the City

Recovering from a late night out last Saturday, Sunday was spent napping until 4 pm!  I was convinced that the day had been wasted, but A surprised me when he took a different turn on what I thought was the drive to our favorite Taiwanese restaurant.  

A tree that I would not like to climb... 

He knows how much I like to take walks, and unfortunately there aren't many parks deemed safe enough to walk through in Santo Domingo.  He surprised me by taking me to Parque Iberoamerico, a newly reconstructed (and safe) park right within the city.  The park had live iguanas, all kinds of greenery, free exercise machines, and a cafe, but the best thing about it?  The Cueva de Santa Ana {Santa Ana Cave}.   

I've been googling away but can hardly find any information on this cave!  I would love to know if the carvings we saw were authentic, but the lack of info is making me believe they are not.  Oh well, still a fun place to explore! 

"My favorite thing to do is go where I've never been"  
Here's to exploring!