Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coronado Island & Hotel Del

San Diego view from lunch on the island
When I was in SoCal a few weeks ago we visited Coronado Island.  Have you been there?  Its a small island connected to San Diego by a bridge.  Its the best place for a skyline view of the city and has   plenty of restaurants and boutiques making it a fun little day trip, especially if you like window shopping.  

In addition, it is home to Hotel del Coronado, known to many as just Hotel Del.  Since 1988, this historical landmark has been visited by royalty, presidents, movie stars, and tourists from all over the world.  You don't need to be a guest to roam the grounds, shop in the boutiques, and eat in the restaurants and cafes, and the best part?  Its located right on America's #1 voted beach! 

My advice for visiting the Hotel Del: 
Sit under an umbrella - a bird once pooped on me there while having lunch!
Try the fudge at the candy shop.  
It makes a yummy souvenir if you have the willpower to not eat it first!

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