Friday, September 28, 2012

La Isla Saona

Taken with the panoramic setting on my iPhone
On Sunday while my parents were visiting, we took an excursion to La Isla Saona.  This is a 42 square mile [110 km] island off the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic.  We spent the entire day on the beach or in the warm, salty water. 

We took a speedboat to a natural pool and snapped pictures holding large starfish - unfortunately I don't have any of them on my camera!

We drank fresh coconut water upon settling in to our beach chairs. 

We swam and took tacky beach pictures. 

And we returned to the mainland by napping on a catamaran. 

It was just the way I like to spend my Sundays.

We have no plans yet for this weekend, but I doubt it will compare to last's!
Happy weekending.


  1. so glad your found my blog! your life sounds so interesting!! I've never been to the dominican republic! I studied abroad in Spain as Sevilla. :)


  2. I want to be there lovely! Good to hear and see you're having a great time! Enjoy paradise sweetpea!

  3. I want to hop a plane and travel here right now! That natural pool looks like the best thing ever- and fresh coconut water to top it off! It's hard not to be jealous :) So happy you're having such a lovely time with your family Tia. This place really looks like paradise. xo Marisa

  4. Wow!! How amazing!! Im sitting in a cubicle in Texas totally jealous !! :)

  5. Oh, look at you two in that last image, so beautiful!!!!!!

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  6. Oh I love me some tacky beach picture!! You guys look like you had a blast!

  7. Omg this looks like heaven on earth! You are so lucky :)

  8. WOW honey! How lovely! That is how I would spend my weekend as well. So chic!